21 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2021

100 dollar bills and 21 best affiliate programs title with blue background

So you got rejected.


Which stings, because this time you thought you had it.

Your website’s up and running, you have an action plan, and you know your sales technique is killer – if only someone would give you a chance.

But no matter how many affiliate marketing programs you apply to – it’s the same result.

No one wants you.

It’s easy to feel hopeless as a beginner. You have enough business savvy to know you should monetize your blog from day one – but you can’t get anywhere without those 10,000 page views.

Well, actually, you can!

You’ve just been looking in the wrong places.

What if we told you that there were a lot of affiliate marketing programs who are dying to have you – for free?

Affiliate marketing is THE best way to monetize your content – and you shouldn’t lose out, just because you’re new.

We’ve put together a list of programs that accept new affiliates – even ones without any traffic or subscribers.

About half the list consists of independent affiliate programs, notable for their high commissions, their sales incentives, their range of products or the extra rewards they offer affiliates.

The other half of the list includes a range of affiliate networks because they’re easy to join. They also help save time because most big brands have opted to align with networks.

This means that regardless of your niche, you’ll find a program you can join straight away with good earning potential.

I’ve reviewed and graded each affiliate program and network based on 2 things – Features (ie, marketing material, acceptance rates, and competition), and Commission plan.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means we may receive a modest commission if purchases are made through those links. This adds no cost to our readers and helps us keep our site up and running. My reputation is of the utmost importance to me, which is why I only provide completely honest, unbiased recommendations.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

Here are my pics for the best affiliate programs to join for beginners this year.


1. Fiverr

Affiliate marketing grade: A+

Fiverr is a popular website for buying or selling freelancing services.

There’s no fee to join and it’s easy to get accepted – and there’s enough variety in services to be valuable for any niche. The best part about the Fiverr affiliate program is they make it easy for you to make money!

Checkout this quick video that discusses why Fiverr is the #1 affiliate program to join on my list.

Girl smiling infront of a green background and graph
Fiverr’s affiliate program is top notch. They have a phenomenal website, better creatives, and big commissions. Fiverr’s program takes the top spot on my list of best affiliate programs.

Features: A+

  • Fiverr’s cookie duration is 1 year – so if someone uses Fiverr 6 months after using your link, you still get paid!
  • They have some great widgets to add banners to your website.
  • Custom marketing materials – just about anything you can image.
  • Located in another country? No problem. Fiverr’s marketing materials come in a variety of different languages.

Commission plan(s): A+

Fiverr’s commission plans are great. That said, they’re a bit confusing to understand. I’ll break them down for you here.

Fiverr offers affiliate different affiliate offerings for marketings based on their audience.

They do this in order to give marketers very specific marketing material to message specific target audiences.

There are 2 basic plans to choose from depending on the habits of your audience.

There are also a few other models for people whose audiences are buying business or learning services.

Here are the plans.

Fiverr CPA commission: $50 to $150 CPA

The Fiverr CPA Plan is for those whose audience is more likely to purchase fewer (yet, more expensive) services, mainstream Fiverr during the year.

It’s set up to give you a higher upfront payment, but does not include ongoing revenue sharing.

Affiliate commissions vary depending on the services your audience buys.

Fiverr Hybrid commission: $10 CPA + 10% RevShare

The Fiverr Hybrid plan is for you if your audience is likely to buy services from Fiverr on a recurring basis during the year.

If your audience buys more frequently, you’re likely to make more overall commission with the Fiverr Hybrid plan.

Fiverr Business commission: $100 + 10% RevShare

The Fiverr business affiliate commission pays $100 when the account spends $100. (This can happen very quickly.)

The, you get paid 10% RevShare for 12 months.

Fiver Learn commission: 30% of every course

The Fiverr Learn affiliate commission plan is super straight forward. 30% of every course ordered. Simple.

Fiverr And.Co commission: 50% of Pro Plans

Fiverr’s And.Co is a software that can essentially run your entire business. And, the affiliate commission can be extremely profitable at a whopping 50% of the pro plan. Nice!

Try Fiverr Affiliates


2. Etsy

Affiliate marketing grade: A-

As a popular online marketplace for handmade products, Etsy’s affiliate program is great for beginners.

Unlike Amazon, they allow you to make sales outside your own country, giving you way more earning potential.

Etsy affiliate screengrab join our affiliate program blue background
Etsy offers 4% commission rates on all products sold.

Features: A-

  • There’s a lot of variety and customers are incentivized by the ‘personal’ aspect of Etsy
  • You get to choose your own payment threshold (anywhere between $20 -$100)
  • Their banners and adverts are easy to make and look professional
  • Their acceptance rate is over 98%!

Commission Plan: B+

  • 4% commission on all purchases

Try Etsy Affiliates


3. Elegant Themes

Affiliate marketing grade: A-

Elegant themes is a hugely popular web design program. You’ve probably heard of them thanks to the ‘Divi’ theme.

They’re great for beginners because their reputation speaks for them, and they have a great commission structure.

Elegant Themes screenshot of product offerings
Elegant Themes has a variety of popular products to market. A great choice for folks who use WordPress!

Features: B

  • It’s a popular product with frequent discounts so it’s easy to convert referrals into subscriptions.
  • You have a lot of options for banners, ads and widgets.
  • They have a clean, easy to use dashboard and interface.
  • Due to its popularity, it’s a competitive program for affiliates.

Commission plan: A

  • Recurring 50% commission (between $44 to $124)

Try Elegant Themes


4. Pure VPN

Affiliate marketing grade: A

VPN’s are a great product to promote right now. Internet safety and privacy is a hot topic and VPN’s work for any niche.

Pure VPN stands out as an affiliate program because they have high commission structures and awesome incentives for affiliates.

girl sitting at a computer numbers and an orange box vpn affiliate
Pure VPN affiliates are earning big money! It’s touted as one of the best high paying VPN affiliate programs on the market.

Features: A-

  • Pure VPN have account management and good support for affiliates.
  • They have their own affiliate system that allows you to refer ‘sub’ affiliates – through which you can earn extra commission.
  • Pure VPN offer rewards for affiliates and frequents discounts or deals that make them easy to sell.
  • You can create aesthetic banners with their ad widgets and links.

Commission plan: A+

  • 100% for one month’s subscriptions, 40% other plans and 35% recurring

Try Pure VPN


5. Shopify

Affiliate marketing grade: A-

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular ECommerce platforms, and it’s surged in popularity in the last few years.

They do ask you about your experience of eCommerce when signing up, so be ready with answers for your application.

Shopify Affiliate home page three people around a table looking at a computer
Make sure your site is looking spiffy when applying to the Shopify Affiliate program. They can be very selective.

Features: B-

  • It’s a trusted and reputable brand, which makes it an easy sell.
  • There are lots of types of ad links to choose from, including banners, videos, images and text links.
  • They offer a 14-day free trial, which makes it harder to push referrals into the higher-priced subscriptions.
  • Shopify reviews the applications and often rejects websites that don’t look professional enough.

Commission plan: A

  • There’s big commission potential here.
  • You can make anywhere from $56 – $2000 with one sale!

Shopify Affiliates


6. eBay Affiliates (eBay Partner Network)

Affiliate marketing grade: B

eBay Affiliates Program is the most similar to Amazon Associates – they both have almost any product in the world for you to promote.

Purple blocks next to a computer screen
Ebay Partner Network manages their affiliate program.

Features: B+

  • You have a huge range of products to choose from so this is perfect for any niche.
  • It’s really easy to create links – you can do it directly from a product, and you can create banners and adverts instead of just text links.
  • The payment threshold is really low at $10.
  • They have a cookie duration of just 24 hours.

Commission plan: B-

  • They have extremely low commission rates that only range from 1% – 4%
numbers in a list commission structure
Ebay’s commission structure

Try eBay Affiliates


7. BuzzSprout

Affiliate marketing grade: B+

BuzzSprout is one of the world’s most popular podcasting softwares – an industry that boomed during 2020.

They offer a flexible commission structure – you can choose a one-time payout of $25, or a recurring lifetime 20% commission of referrals.

Green box and purple box describing commission structures
Buzzsprout offers a choice of affiliate payouts – a 1 time payment of $25 or a recurring payment of 20%.

Features: B

  • Buzz Sprout have a great support team for affiliates
  • They have cookies that never expire, so you get ongoing credit for your referrals’ upgrades
  • They have a free trial, which makes it hard to get referrals to commit

Commission plan: A-

There are 2 affiliate commission plans at BuzzSprout.

  • a one-time $25 commission for every paid referral you send, or
  • a 20% recurring lifetime commission for all paid referrals sent to Buzzsprout

Try BuzzSprout


8. Bluehost

Affiliate marketing grade: A-

Out of all the web hosting affiliate programs, Bluehost is the best for beginners.

Not only is it well known and trustworthy, but it also has huge commission potential ($65 -$130 per sale) and you don’t need web traffic to sign up. All you need is a website address to apply, a process which is painless and easy.

Green button girl smiling in purple shirt
Bluehost has a high volume, extremely competitive affiliate program.

Features: A-

  • You only need a website to get accepted and you can start promoting within a few hours.
  • Bluehost has a great reputation and lots of yearly discounts to incentivize your referrals.
  • They have a good range of widgets to add to your site including banners and text links
  • They don’t offer a recurring commission, so even if your referral signs up for another year, you only get paid once.

Commission plan:

  • They have a tiered commission structure where the more you sell, the more you make (this is capped at $130)

Try Bluehost


9. Share a Sale

Affiliate marketing grade: A

Share-A-Sale is a highly popular affiliate network.

They’ve been around for over 20 years, have thousands of advertisers and an easy application process that usually accepts beginners.

Green pictures of items like a jacket handshakes and camera
Share a Sale has several types of companies for you to represent. Use their search tool to find the perfect fit for you.

Features: A+

  • They have a two-tier referral program where you make commission if you refer other affiliates or advertisers.
  • You get access to a HUGE range of brands (including Reebok, Masterclass, Groupon, and Qatar Airways)
  • They have a great filtering system to find advertisers (you can search by cookie length, payment type, EPC or two-tier programs)
  • The website is pretty outdated in some sections which make it awkward to navigate
  • Only a small percentage of their brands are well known, so you’ll have to sort through a lot of dud products

Commission plan(s): A-

With affiliate networks each company that works with the network offers a different commission plan. That said, there are some important things to keep in mind about the network.

Mainly, how often do they pay you and what is the payment threshold.

  • With Share a Sale you get paid every month and the payment threshold is only $50

Try Share a Sale


10. BeRush Affiliates

Affiliate marketing grade: B+

Also known as Semrush, this affiliate program helps businesses optimize their SEO.

With glowing reviews and a reputable product, it’s easy to make sales with this program and even easier to join as a new affiliate.

An animation of rewards, a box of goods, and a hand with a present.
BERUSH, SEMrush’s affiliate program, has a lot to offer including a dedicated to help you promote.

Features: B

  • Because this is a great program, there’s a lot of competition and especially with the 10-year cookie, it can be hard to get the sale before someone else does. 
  • You don’t need a website to join
  • They offer a recurring commission.
  • They have a 10-year cookie.

Commission plan: A

  • They offer a good commission structure of 40% of subscriptions (which could take you anywhere between $50 and $170).

Try BeRush


11. CJ Affiliates

Affilate marketing grade: B

As an affiliate network, CJ (Commission Junction) Affiliates is a good one when you’re starting out.

They’re easy to join, they’ve been around long enough to build a stellar reputation, and they’ve always had big brands under their belt.

Picture of a Brazilian guy with a beard smiling and words
CJ Affiliate home page

Features: C+

  • Their catalogue includes huge brands like Office Max, InterContinental Hotels and Verizon.
  • Their site is a little difficult to navigate. I find it very slow and hard to filter advertisers by category, EPC and commission structure.
  • They do, however, have great widget options for adding links onto your site, including banners and product grids.
  • Like many affiliate networks, they boast some famous advertisers, but most of their brands are unknown and harder to sell.

Commission plan: A-

  • You can collect your money after $50 and they pay once a month

Try CJ Affiliates


12. Clickbank

Affiliate marketing grade: B-

Clickbank is another affiliate network with a big range of products.

The main attraction of Clickbank is that you don’t need anything to sign up – not even a website. The downside here is that this lax application process is reflected in the quality of a lot of their advertisers.

Girl smiling on light blue background
ClickBank Home Page

Features: C

  • Click bank offers pre-approval – so you can get affiliate links before you even start your website.
  • They have a long cookie of 60 days.
  • Clickbank doesn’t have as many famous brands as other affiliate networks
  • Many of their products are ‘spammy’ (the kind that promises you can ‘lose weight fast’) which can be a huge turn of for your audience
  • The dashboard is ugly and difficult to use, making it hard to create links and find good advertisers
  • They offer customers a 60-day return policy, which considering how many questionable products they sell, isn’t good for affiliates

Commission plan: B

  • The commission rate can be as high as 90%, and many of their commissions are recurring.
  • The minimum payment threshold is only $10 and the pay is weekly.

Try ClickBank


13. Awin

Affiliate marketing grade: A

Another affiliate network, Awin has a huge collection of advertisers (over 15,000, to be exact).

This is a great network to join if you want access to famous advertisers, but you’ll need a website link and some content to get accepted.

Orange color with writing
Awin is one of the best affiliate network sites out there. Great website and great merchants to choose from.


  • They have one of the best catalogues of brands out of the Affiliate Networks – including ASOS, Business Insider, Agoda and Lonely Planet.
  • Their conversion tools are better than most, including plugins and javascript to create high-quality ads.
  • They have a great payment threshold at just $20, and they pay bi-weekly.
  • You can’t just join with a website link – you also need to have created content BEFORE applying for Awin.

Commission plan:

  • Awin’s partners offers high commissions, even on big advertisers, which go up to 50%.

Try Awin


14. Flex Offers

Affiliate marketing grade: B+

Our next affiliate network, Flex Offers stands out from others because of the high quality of their clients.

While it’s still easy to sign up, they do have a waiting period of 48 hours before approval, and they’ll verify your website is live before accepting you.

Blue moon on blue sky
FlexOffers Home Page

Features: B

  • It’s easy to sign up, and they accept free websites like Wix, along with social media channels, which is ideal for new affiliates.
  • They have some HUGE brand names like H&M, Sephora, Nord VPN and DIOR.
  • They offer added security in the form of two-step verification.
  • You have to get approved for each advertiser individually, which explains their impressive catalogue but is time-consuming.
  • They don’t have the best link creation tools and a lot of advertisers don’t include banners or deep links.

Commission plans: A

  • Their payment threshold is low at only $25 and they have lots of payment options (including PayPal)

Try FlexOffers


15. Max Bounty

Affiliate marketing grade: B (hard for beginners)

Unlike most other networks on the list, Max Bounty offers extra incentives to affiliates.

They still have the big name brands that the others do, but that’s because they’re the most selective with their application process.

2 guys behind a red button and white writing
MaxBounty has great commission rates, but is one of the toughest affiliate networks to get into.

Features: B-

  • Top affiliates have the options to collect their earnings every week.
  • They have a good website design with lots of categories and filters.
  • Max Bounty offers big partners like Mcafee, Clarins, Apple and Norton Security.
  • This is the hardest network to get accepted to – without a website and some quality content, you’ll be rejected.
  • They don’t really offer support or affiliate managers. 

Commission plan: A-

  • They offer a high commission rate of 50% with many advertisers.
  • Affiliates can earn ‘Max Money’ which are points worth $1 earned through hitting milestones.

Try MaxBounty


16. Pepperjam

Affiliate marketing grade: B (hard for beginners)

PepperJam is an affiliate network that, similarly to Flex Offers, have some high-quality clients under their belt.

Unlike Flex Offers, though, their sign up process is lengthy and detailed, and they can take a few days to verify your application.

Green lines and red circles with writing
Pepperjam Home Page

Features: B-

  • They have some great partners like Puma, Bath&Body Works and Nordstrom.
  • PepperJam has a good, clean, easy-to-use interface which makes navigation simple.
  • They have lots of banner and widget options for affiliates, including coupons and products images.
  • They don’t give you any information about advertisers’ EPC. 

Commission plan: A-

  • The payment threshold is low at $25.
  • They only really offer PayPal for payment unless you take the time to contact them.

Try Pepperjam


17. Rakuten Advertising

Affiliate marketing grade: B+

Rakuten Advertising is a great affiliate network – but make sure to put ‘Advertising’ in your search.

The same company has a cash-back site (which if you refer friends to and they spend $25, you make $25, and they get $10). This is also a form of affiliate marketing, just not the Rakuten we’re talking about below. If you’re interested, though, use this link to find out more)

Rakuten Advertising is a different site under its umbrella, which focuses on affiliate marketing.

Two girls smiling at a camera taking a selfie with a purple background
Rakuten Advertising Home Page

Features: A-

  • They have a lot of big advertisers including Microsoft, Macy’s, Net-a-Porter and Lego.
  • It’s really easy to create links – you just select your advertiser, click ‘get link’ and you have the HTML ready for your site.
  • They don’t display the EPC for advertisers, which is something affiliates need to know.

Cons: B+

  • The payment threshold is low at just $50.
  • You have to wait 60 days to get paid, and there are reports of it taking even longer.

Try Rakuten


18. Impact Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing grade: B

Impact.com is a little bit different from the other networks on the list.

They work exclusively with high-quality partners. Because of this you have to set up a profile through impact, then apply to each advertiser individually to start promoting.

Circle with a guy laughing with two other people and words
Impact Affiliate Marketing Home Page

Features: B-

  • They have a powerful catalogue of brands including Adidas, Airbnb, and Ticketmaster.
  • You get a lot of ad creation options including coupons, banners, videos and text links
  • They have the most modern and easy-to-navigate interface out of any affiliates networks.
  • Requesting links from each brand is highly time-consuming.

Commission plan: A-

  • The payment threshold is low at just $50.

Try Impact Affiliates


19. Sovrn//Commerce

Affiliate marketing grade: C+

Sovrn//Commerce (previously known as Viglinks) is similar to an affiliate network, but they’re actually better for beginners.

They take products that are already named in your content and automate them into affiliate links via their advertisement partnerships. All you need to do is join them and add some code to your website or platform, and they do the rest.

This saves you from having to apply to affiliate networks and programs separately and also saves you on the time you would normally spend embedding the links yourself.

Features: B+

  • Sovrn saves you a lot of time by finding and embedding links for you
  • They work with affiliate networks, so their range of brands are only rivalled by Skimlinks.
  • You have the option to monetize products and services that you can’t find affiliate programs for anywhere else.
  • It’s incredibly easy to add links, especially to a website, because Sovrn does it for you automatically.
  • They don’t have a good vetting service for applicants – which makes it easy to join but can lower the quality of advertisers who use them. 

Commission plan: C-

  • They offer a low payment threshold of $25
  • The catch is that Sovrn takes 25% of your commission for their services.

Try Sovrn//Comm


20. Skimlinks

Affiliate marketing grade: B

Skimlinks works in the same way that Sovrn does.

The big difference here is that Skimlinks is more discerning with their application process, which means a bit more work for you, but higher quality advertisers once you’re in.

Blue button and cartoon person working at a computer
Skimlinks Home Page

Features: B-

  • They offer a VIP program that allows you to have a higher commission rate than any other network. But it comes at a cost of $140/month for a minimum of 3 months! Ouch.
  • Skimlinks saves you time by embedding links and applying to programs on your behalf.
  • Their advertiser navigation is unhelpful, requiring exact names to show results.
  • You don’t get adverts or banners for your site – just some basic text links.

Commission plan: A

  • You only need to make $10 to be able to collect your earnings.

Try Skimlinks


21. Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing grade: C

No affiliate list would be complete without Amazon Associates.

Although not as profitable as it once was, it’s still one of the easiest affiliate programs to join and has a huge variety of products.

People sitting at a chair and desk with a sign up yellow button overlay
Amazon Associates Home Page. Millions of products – very low commissions makes Amazon Associates a bit of a Catch-22.

Features: A+

  • It’s very easy to join Amazon – if you have a live website, Youtube channel or app, you’ll get accepted almost immediately.
  • You can promote anything on Amazon (who sell almost everything) so it’s perfect for any niche.
  • It’s simple to add links – you can use the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) to get an HTML link, or use Amazon stripe to generate image and text links.

Commission plan: D+

  • The commissions are low – they range from 1% – 10%
  • Amazon only has a $10 threshold for payments, and they pay every month.
Amazon’s Commission structure and categories
Amazon’s Commission structure and categories

Try Amazon Associates

Common Affiliate Marketing Questions

What are affiliate marketing programs?

An affiliate program is a form of marketing where businesses (advertisers) reward people to promote their services or products. These people are known as affiliates.

Affiliate programs are a win-win for everyone involved. The business is getting advertisement, and the affiliate is making a commission by linking to products they were already promoting.

What kind of affiliate marketing programs are there?

There’s a big variety in both the type of programs that exist and the type of products being sold.

Direct affiliate marketing

Direct affiliate marketing means the affiliate (you) works directly with a business to promote its products.

How to sign up to a direct affiliate program?

This is easy. Google “Company name affiliate program” (or use my links here) to go to the company’s affiliate page. From here it’s straight forward.

Follow the directions on the company’s affiliate page. The sign up process will require you to provide your company’s name and tax information. Make sure to have your EIN number available.

You do, typically, have the option to apply as a person. But, this is not recommended. The more professional you can be when applying for affiliate programs, the greater your chance of success.

Affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing networks are companies that represent a collection of advertisers.

Affiliate networks have 2 purposes:

  1. To help companies start and manage affiliate programs, and
  2. To help publishers (you) find and apply to multiple companies under one roof.

The benefit for you is that if you’re able to find a bunch of quality companies to represent who are all part of a network, your life is easier. 

All of your affiliate links, marketing materials, and reports are managed in one spot.

How to apply to an affiliate network program?

This process is largely the same as the process of applying to direct affiliate programs with one major difference.

With affiliate networks you have to make sure you apply under the right category.

When you get to the “sign up” pages on an affiliate network site, like Awin, you’ll see two options – advertisers and publishers / affiliates.

arrow pointing to publisher on an affiliate page
Make sure to sign up as a ‘publisher’ or ‘affiliate’ when applying to affiliate networks.

Affiliate marketers (you) are publishers, or affiliates.

share a sale affiliate sign up
Click ‘Affiliate Sign Up’ when signing up on Share a Sale.

Go ahead and click on the ‘publishers’ button and follow the sign up steps using the same information you used for the direct affiliate programs.

All set! Once you’re approved by the affiliate network you’ll be able to search for the companies (advertisers) you’d like to market.

In most cases, you’ll need to “apply” to the advertisers as well. Because your payment and tax info is already held in the affiliate network it’s usually just a matter of hitting the ‘Apply’ or ‘Join Program’ button next to the advertisers’ name.

How do affiliates make money?

There are a few main types of affiliate payments:

  • Pay Per Click
    You get paid each time someone clicks on your link. The pay is low (only a few cents each time), but you don’t need to convert sales, so you get a better return.
  • Pay Per Action
    You get paid each time someone buys or signs up for a service.

This is the most common type of affiliate program, and it’s a lot more lucrative than others, with commissions that can be worth thousands of dollars.

  • Pay Per Impression
    Here you’ll get paid just by displaying the ad on your site. Usually, you need at least 1000 impressions to get paid.

Can new affiliates join any program?

The reality is; a lot of affiliate marketing programs don’t accept beginners.

Most programs require a certain amount of web traffic or subscribers before they’ll accept you – especially if it’s direct affiliate marketing.

Luckily, there are some great programs that accept newbies (the best of which we’ve detailed below). Despite how easy it is to join these programs, there are still a few things you should do to give yourself the best chance of getting accepted:

  • Start a professional website or app

Although some programs allow you to join with social media or Youtube accounts, most will ask you for a live website address. If you don’t have a website you can start one here [bluehost link] for just [affiliate price for bluehost]

  • Get a professional email address

This isn’t necessary on all platforms, but for the high-quality networks and big brand names, this will help you stand out from the competition.

  • Have a rough idea of your affiliate strategy

Some programs will ask you about how you plan to promote them – so have some convincing points ready before apply.

  • Know your target audience

There’s no point in applying for high paying programs if they’re of zero interest to your traffic. If you want to make sales, stick to programs in your niche.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you have adult content or a gambling site, most affiliate marketing programs or networks will reject your application. If that’s you, you’ll have to find other ways to monetize your site…

How to Get Accepted to Affiliate Programs – Helpful Tips

Here are 3 helpful tips to show you how to get accepted to your target affiliate programs:

1. Match your email to your business

As a rule of thumb, make sure your email address matches your business or website. Nothing says unprofessional like someone applying with a @gmail.com address.

2. Describe your affiliate model to businesses

If you’re applying to direct affiliate programs, you’ll be asked to give a summary of how you promote businesses. And, if you have a website, the person reviewing your application wants to know about it.

Here’s what I write when applying to programs. Feel free to use something similar!

” TheMoneyShark.com teaches readers how to maximize their net worth. Affiliate verticals include SaaS marketing, hosting, and ecommerce models. TheMoneyShark.com was launched in 2020 and gets #xyz visitors per month.”

3. Promote the target company before applying

Make it easy for the target company (either direct or network) to approve you!

You have to remember. Managing an affiliate business takes time for the merchant. They don’t want thousands of dead-end affiliates onboard.

The easiest way to show your value to a company is to promote them prior to applying for their affiliate program.


This list has something for everyone, regardless of niche – but there’s no reason you can’t apply to all these affiliate marketing programs!

Just be wary of pushing links for the sole reason that they pay well – quality is just as important as commission structure.

Especially when working with networks, avoid promoting products to your audience that you wouldn’t use yourself. If you’re always pushing cheap or questionable products (like unverified ‘detox-teas’, or free ‘iPhone sign-ups’) you won’t just lose views, you’ll get yourself a bad reputation.

But with all the programs mentioned here, you’ll be signed up with great, popular products that your audiences love in no time! Most affiliates marketers are making thousands in passive income, and soon, so will you!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these affiliate marketing programs in the comments!

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